Official Restrike Lion Dollar 2024 Gold 1 Ounce

Official Restrike Lion Dollar 2024 Gold 1 Ounce

official restrike lion dollar 2024 gold 1 ounce - Royal Dutch mint

  • Rare coin from 1640 in Gold!
  • Golden restrike, based on the Lion Dollar from the city of Deventer
  • In luxury packaging, made from purple heart wood that changes color over time: this makes every coin holder unique 
  • Discover an extra detail on the inside of the coin holder!
  • Numbered coin holder and Certificate of Authenticity are included
Delivery from the end of April
Detailed description and specifications

Authenticity checked by experts

The producer of Dutch coins for more than 450 years

Certified Member of Thuiswinkel Waarborg

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The new Golden Lion Dollar has arrived! There continues to be a lot of interest in coins that were minted many years ago in The Netherlands. And we understand that very well: these coins have so many stories to tell! And with a nice restrike of an old coin, you choose impeccable quality and a beautiful story. Did you know that Dutch merchants preferred to use Lion Dollars to pay their debts to foreign countries? This was a much better option compared to other, more expensive Dutch coins. This way, the Lion Dollar became a common used coin in international trade.

From “daalder” to dollar
The Lion Dollar also had a big impact on the US Dollar, the biggest currency in the world. Dutch colonists brought the Lion Dollar to New Amsterdam (later New York) and used it extensively. The word ‘Daalder’ translates to ‘dollar’, which makes this Dutch coin of huge importance to the American Dollar of today.
The Lion Dollar was minted in the Netherlands from 1575 and issued by six out of seven Dutch provinces and several big cities. One of these cities is Deventer, located in the East of the Netherlands. The Lion Dollar 2024 Gold 1 Ounce is a restrike of the original Deventer coin, which has a very nice surprise in store!
Lion Dollar from Deventer
Deventer is one of the cities that minted and issued the Lion Dollar. However, this happened quite late, because Deventer had no interest in the strict control that was accompanied by minting this coin. In 1640, the Mintmaster of Deventer, Johan Wyntgens, got the assignment to mint Lion Dollars after all, because the minting of these coins seemed more profitable than expected.
Since Deventer is a city and not a province, the coat of arms of Holland is replaced by a city-eagle, the well-known figurehead of Deventer. There is also a different text than normal on the reverse of the coin: ‘ME VIGILANTE FLORET DAVENT’, this directly translates to: “Because I watch, Deventer blooms”. The text makes this Golden Lion Dollar extra special.
Luxurious coin holder
As always, the Lion Dollar is delivered in a special coin holder. Naturally, the Golden restrikes have an extra luxurious appearance. Especially for the Lion Dollar 2024 Gold 1 Ounce, we have chosen a purple heart wood packaging. Purple heart wood is a very exclusive type of wood that has a brown color after sawing, but then slowly turns into a deep purple.This is also the case with the coin holder: after being exposed to oxygen and light, the color will turn more purple. This makes every coin holder for the golden Lion Dollar unique!

This stable and tropical hardwood from Brazil has exactly the luxurious look that your golden Lion Dollar deserves. On the cover is the engraving of a lion, which makes it even more fitting. On the inside, around the coin, the contours of a compass are visible. This is a reference to the role of the Lion Dollar in the international trade.

More Information
Article number 0118536
Metal Gold
Content 999,9/1000
Weight 1 troy ounce (31,1 g)
Diameter 38,7 mm
Edge serrated
Quality Proof
Mintage 20