Special set ‘350 Years Groningen and Coevorden end of a siege’

Special set ‘350 Years Groningen and Coevorden end of a siege’

special set 350 years groningen and coevorden end of a siege - Royal Dutch mint

  • Special issue in honor of 350 years of freedom in Groningen and Coevorden
  • With Silver Ducat ‘Fraeylemaborg Castle’ and the new ‘Silver Ducat Coevorden Castle’ in the series ‘Dutch Castles’
  • With unique addition: special restrike of a medal from 1672
  • Delivered in luxurious cassette
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The Golden Age is seen as a very important blooming period in which the Dutch Republic knew great prosperity on both economic and cultural level. But all good things come to an end: the Disaster Year of 1672 is therefore seen as an important turning point. In this year, the Dutch Republic is being attacked, not only by England and France, but also by the dioceses of Cologne and Münster. Several Dutch cities could not escape the vagaries of war. The cities of Groningen and Coevorden also suffered from the Disaster Year. The Bishop of Münster waged war in these towns, but the end of the siege, led by general Carl von Rabenhaupt, gave the inhabitants their freedom back.

This liberation is already 350 years ago and therefore must be celebrated. Every 50 years there is a special coin struck to celebrate this occasion of the end of the siege of Groningen and Coevorden. This year the Royal Dutch Mint presents a special set in honor of 350 Years Groningen and Coevorden end of the siege. In addition to the Silver Ducat ‘Fraeylemaborg Castle’ 2022, this set also contains two new issues: the Silver Ducat ‘Coevorden Castle’ and a very unique restrike of a special medal from 1672, that connects the past of these two cities.

Fraeylemaborg Castle
First of all, this set contains the well-known Silver Ducat ‘Fraeylemaborg Castle’ 2022, issued in April this year. On the front of the Silver Ducat, knight Godard van Reede stands in front of the historical castle in Groningen. On the shield, in front of his left leg, the province coat of arms is displayed. On the reverse of the Silver Ducat, the national coat of arms of the Netherlands with the Royal Crown between the numbers of the year can be found. The inscription reads: “CONCORDIA RES PARVAE CRESCUNT”, Unity makes Strength. Here you can also find the mint mark and the privy mark.

Coevorden Castle
The Silver Ducat ‘Coevorden Castle’ is the latest addition to the series ‘Dutch Castles’. This Ducat has the castle of Coevorden on the obverse. In the foreground, as with all ducats in this series, is knight Godard van Reede. He is holding a shield with the Coevorden coat of arms on it. 

Official restrike: medal from 1672
To make the set even more exclusive, an official restrike is also included. It is a medal from 1672, the ‘Disaster Year’. The medal was minted in 1672, as a commemorative coin for the victory on a common enemy (bishop of Munster) and the liberation by a common hero (von Rabenhaupt). This medal is a unique reminder of the end of the siege of both Groningen and Coevorden. The obverse of the medal shows the siege of Groningen by the bishop of Munster. The reverse shows a birds-eye view of the fortified town of Coevorden, surrounded by soldiers. The inscription 'COEVORDEN.MET.STORMER:HANDT.INGENO.DEN.20.DEC.' can also be found on the reverse. For 350 years, both Groningen and Coevorden have shared a common identity because of these events.

Silver Ducat ‘Coevorden Castle’ and Silver Ducat 'Fraeylemaborg Castle’

Metal Silver
Content 873/1000
Quality Proof
Weight 28.25 g
Diameter 40 mm
Edge Cable
Mintage 2,000*

*of which 350 in special set

Official Restrike medal 1672

Metal Silver
Content 999/1000
Quality Proof
Weight 31.1 g
Diameter 38.7 mm
Edge Smooth
Mintage 350 pieces
More Information
Article number 0114972
Metal Silver
Content Divers
Weight Divers
Diameter Divers
Edge Numbered
Quality Proof
Mintage 350