75 years of NATO in Coincard

75 years of NATO in Coincard

75 years of nato in coincard - Royal Dutch mint

  • Celebration of 75 years of NATO
  • Unique issue with Dutch 50 cent, 20 cent and 5 cent
  • Exclusively minted by the Royal Dutch Mint
  • Limited issue of 7,500 pieces
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The producer of Dutch coins for more than 450 years

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April 4th 1949 is a date to remember: the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) comes to live on this day. The Treaty, in that moment mainly a joint defense of the West against the Soviet Union’s threats, grew into an international organization that wants to guarantee freedom and safety to its member states with both political and military means.
Twelve countries were involved from the beginning in 1949. Through the years, many countries have joined the NATO and at this moment, the number of member states is at 32: Sweden is the youngest member, they joined in February 2024. NATO membership is possible for any “European State in a position to further the principles of this Treaty and to contribute to the security of the North Atlantic area”.
Basic principles of the NATO
The most important players in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are the member states themselves. The NATO has, next to the guarantee of freedom and safety of its member states, several other basic principles. The NATO adheres to the principle that an attack against one or more of its member states, is considered an attack against all member states. In addition, NATO offers a unique connection between member states from Europe and North America.
The 75 years of NATO in Coincard consists of three Dutch coins: 50 cent, 20 cent and 5 cent, which together makes 75 cents, a reference to the 75th anniversary of NATO. On the obverse of the Coincard, the NATO logo is visible in the background. In the middle, the years 1949 – 2024 are shown. On the reverse of the Coincard, you can find the symbol of the logo again on the right, on the left all member states of the NATO are visible (with the exception of Sweden, who was not officially a member when making the coincard).

0.50 euros
Metal Nordic Gold
Weight 7.80 g
Diameter 24.25 mm
Edge Regular, fine indentations
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
0.20 euros
Metal Nordic Gold
Weight 5.74 g
Diameter 22.25 mm
Edge Smooth with seven indentations
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated

0.05 euros
Metal Copper-covered steel
Weight 3.92 g
Diameter 21.25 mm
Edge Smooth
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
More Information
Article number 0118418
Metal Various
Content Divers
Diameter Divers
Edge Numbered
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
Nominal value 75 euro cents
Mintage 7.500