Aruba 5 Florin ‘Turtuga’ 2019 Silver Proof

Aruba 5 Florin ‘Turtuga’ 2019 Silver Proof

aruba 5 florin turtuga 2019 silver proof - Royal Dutch mint

  • Official Silver Aruban 5 Florin commemorative coin exclusively minted by the Royal Dutch Mint
  • The ‘turtuga’ on this coin is the rare green sea turtle!
  • Continuation of the Prikichi (2017) and Soldachi (2018) commemorative coins
  • Special colourful and tropical commemorative, manually printed in full colour
  • In luxury case with Certificate of Authenticity
  • Only 750 pieces available!
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The producer of Dutch coins for more than 450 years

Certified Member of Thuiswinkel Waarborg

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Imagine yourself on a tropical island with this brightly coloured commemorative! The (sea) turtle, depicted on the coin, is also known as “Turtuga” in Papiamento. Worldwide only seven kinds of sea turtles are left. Four of them can be found in the sea surrounding Aruba. These four turtles (the loggerhead sea turtle, green sea turtle, hawksbill sea turtle and leatherback sea turtle) lay their eggs on the beaches of this Caribbean Island. During breeding season their nests are shielded so beach guests won’t accidentally step on them. The green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) is depicted on this 2019 Aruban commemorative coin. It is remarkable that its colour is brown rather than green, as its name would initially suggest. The green sea turtle’s shell can be up to one meter long!
More Information
Article number 0104862
Metal Silver
Content 925/1000
Weight 25,0 g
Diameter 38,0 mm
Edge lettering DIOS*TA*CU*NOS*
Quality Proof
Mintage 750