Belgium 2.5 Euro Coin 2022 “100 Years of Bird Protection in Belgium” BU in Coincard NL

Belgium 2.5 Euro Coin 2022 “100 Years of Bird Protection in Belgium” BU in Coincard NL

belgium 2.5 euro coin 2022 100 years of bird protection in belgium bu in coincard nl - Royal Dutch mint

  • Official issue in honour of 100 years of bird protection in Belgium
  • Illustrious packaging in two language versions
  • Limited mintage of max. 25,000 issues
  • Packed in a coincard with Dutch front
  • A wonderful souvenir for yourself or someone else
  • Part of the Belgian Coincard Catalog
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We all know the saying “Free as a bird (in the sky)”. This means that you are free to do as you please. A great goal to strive for, but unfortunately this was not the case for the birds themselves a century ago. Unprotected and without rights, they were exposed to everyone's persecution.
Bird Protection
Bird catching almost seemed like a national sport in the last century. The winged animals were caught for their feathers, ended up on our plates or had to participate in finch singing competitions. The way they were captured was also downright brutal, resulting in a certain death. Around 1922 people in Belgium started to unite to put an end to the abuse against birds. Gradually, we have developed a conscience for birds’ welfare and legislation and regulations have ensured a more humane treatment of birds. After all, the bird is good for people and the environment!
Celebrate 100 Years of Bird Protection with a Coin!
This was the reason for the Royal Mint of Belgium to issue a 2.5 euro coin with the theme “100 years of Bird Protection in Belgium”. The 2.5 euro is minted in BU quality and appears in two language versions. Birds that occur in Belgium are depicted on the coincard in a pseudoscientific and nostalgic way. This refers back to more than a hundred years ago, when the interest in birds developed into wonder. On the coin you see a happily whistling robin. The male resides in Belgium all year round and is a symbol of hope.
More Information
Article number 0114173
Metal Brass
Weight 10,50 g
Diameter 25,65 mm
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
Mintage 17.500 (verdeeld over twee taalversies)
Designer Luc Luycx