Free a Girl medal in coincard + NFT

Free a Girl medal in coincard + NFT

free a girl medal in coincard + nft - Royal Dutch mint

  • Special collaboration with Free a Girl
  • Together against sexual exploitation of children!
  • Limited issue of 4,000 pieces
  • For the first time in the history of the Royal Dutch Mint: claim your free NFT after purchasing the coincard
  • None of the coincards are the same, thanks to the QR code
  • By purchasing this product you declare that you are over 16 years old.
  • You cannot return products if the security sticker has been removed or damaged.
  • Please note: max. 10 products per customer. Customers exceeding this amount will be reduced.
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Currently there are as many as 1.2 million children trapped in a situation of sexual exploitation. An unprecedented high number of children are locked up and exploited in brothels, hotels, massage parlors and garages. Free a Girl is an organization that continues to work tirelessly for a world without sexual exploitation of children. At the Royal Dutch Mint, we deeply admire the important work that Free a Girl does. That is why a special issue is being launched in honor of the organizations 15th anniversary and because of the International Day of Child Rights: the Free a Girl medal in coincard.

For the first time at the Royal Dutch Mint: collect your own NFTs
A unique moment in the rich history of the Royal Dutch Mint: you have the chance to collect NFTs for the first time. Five different NFTs come together in a special collection, inspired by our collaboration with Free a Girl. The collection consists of 4,000 special coins, that represent strong, ambitious young women who have been rescued from sexual exploitation by Free a Girl and their rescuing partners. Want to know more? Read all about it on our special NFT page:
Literally kicking in doors
Free a Girl supports activist organizations worldwide that do everything in their power to rescue young children. Employees of these organizations risk their lives to go undercover in brothels or conduct online research. If there is sufficient evidence of sexual exploitation, the rescue team literally kicks in doors to rescue young children.
Life after liberation – School for Justice
After being rescued, the children receive immediate medical care and counseling to deal with the trauma and to start reintegration in society. While many girls are rescued from sexual exploitation their perpetrators only sporadically experience the consequences. Free a Girl therefore also supports survivors with access to justice. In addition: the voices of survivors are rarely heard: that is why the School for Justice program was set up. This program enables survivors to become the best lawyers, paralegals, police officers, social workers, sociologists, etc., so they can join in the fight against sexual exploitation, support other children and create awareness in society.
Free a Girl
Free a Girl is an organization that fights for a world without child exploitation. The organization was founded in 2008 and has rescued around 7,000 girls since, in countries such as India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Thailand. Free a Girl’s main goal is not only to rescue young children, but also to support survivors so they can bring their perpetrators to justice. Free a Girl also wants to start the conversation and increase awareness about the sexual exploitation of children on a national and international platform.
For the first time, a coincard designed by the Royal Dutch Mint also has a QR code for the NFT, which you can claim and add to your collection. More about this can be found on
On the obverse of the coin is the image of a young girl. The lines in the front represent the captivity that many children in sexual exploitation experience. The reverse of the medal contains the logo of Free a Girl. Just before the logo, a fist holding a broken chain rises. It represents the fighting mentality of Free a Girl and its partners to free as many girls possible. It also represents the power of the survivors going forward! The medal is placed in a fitting coincard.
For the coincard, we decided to go with dark shades, that evoke the atmosphere of captivity and an anxious situation. On the reverse of the coincard, broken bars are visible with a light shining through. On the right of the coincard you can find a square with the medal in it. The square is representative for the small spaces, be it in brothels, hotels, private apartments or massage parlors, where young girls are held captive. On the obverse of the coincard, a sitting girl is visible, with a pink bird flying above her. This bird, in the characteristic Free a Girl color, represents the rescue of girls by the rescue teams.
NFT’s Royal Dutch Mint x Free a Girl
With purchasing the Free a Girl coincard, you receive a NFT for free! This NFT can be claimed with the QR-code. Have a look below to see which of the 5 NFT’s can be attached to your coincard:

1: School for Justice
An education at the School for Justice is the way to go for young, freed women to take the next step in their lives.
Available: 2,100
2: Lawyer
Graduated as lawyer at the School for Justice: the perfect way to support other victims of sexual exploitation.
Available: 1,361
3: Judge
Being able to bring perpetrators of sexual exploitation to justice as a graduated judge, this is a possibility for saved victims.
Available: 496
4: Golden judgement
An important education and a new, bright future of a freed young girl come together in a golden coin.
Available: 40
5: Beyond exceptional!
Justice prevails for young women freed from sexual exploitation. A very special and unique NFT.
Available: 3

If you have managed to acquire the 'beyond exceptional' NFT, you own a very special collectible item. This NFT grants you the opportunity for an exclusive tour of the mint building and production spaces of the Royal Dutch Mint. Please contact our customer service for this and keep your NFT handy.

  • Single-use only
  • Valid for two persons
  • On-site tour
  • Travel expenses are not covered
More Information
Article number 0117694
Metal Cu/Ni
Weight 15,5 g
Diameter 33 mm
Edge Smooth
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
Mintage 4.000