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From the designer

The Eurovision Song Contest medal was designed by Juan Sanchez-Castano. Juan has worked at the Royal Dutch Mint for 11 years as designer and was inspired by the water management in the Netherlands when working on the Eurovision Song Contest issue.

“Water shapes the landscape of the Netherlands. It is part of everyday interaction for most Dutch people: we have the canals and the rivers that we cross every day and the polders and the dikes to control the water. For this design, water waves are mixed with sound waves.

All winning songs from Eurovision have been mixed together by Dutch music producer Eric van Tijn, which created a chaotic sound. A special installation was designed to play the mix. The water used in it was taken from the Maas: a river in Rotterdam. By using Rotterdam water the issue became a representation of the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, which would have been hosted by the venue Rotterdam Ahoy.”
Eurovision Coin
Did you know water management did not only inspire this medal, but also served as the inspiration for the stage design in Rotterdam Ahoy? The design is inspired by the theme “Open Up” and the typical, flat Dutch landscape. The floor plan of the stage is inspired by the canals and bridges that connect land and water in the Netherlands.
A special installation
To create the design, Juan used a 3D scanner to build a special installation. In this installation he used an amplifier and a speaker to play the mix by Eric van Tijn and a bowl of water to create the image. When the music starts playing, the frequencies of the sound create patterns in relief on the water. A high speed camera took pictures of the different patterns, special software was then used to make a 3D image of the relief. This led to a three dimensional shape of the sound.  On the medal, you can clearly see the relief created by the frequencies at a specific moment; a solid snapshot fixed in a tangible product.

Symbolic design
The medal has many levels of interpretation. It started out as a simple idea that touched many fields. First of all, it is a representation of Dutch water management. Because the water is taken from the Maas and because a mix of all winning songs was used, the issue is also a representation of how all Eurovision editions come together. It captures history.

Take a look at the video to see how the design came together

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