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Double Golden Ducat 2020

Double Golden Ducat 2020
  • Discover the Gold from the South: at the time loved by merchants and privateers!
  • One of the most important trade coins from the Golden Age with a rich background story
  • Can only be ordered in the month of May and is then sold out!
  • The third part of a limited four year series in which all wind directions are explored
  • The Golden Ducat is included in the Dutch Mint Act since 1586
  • Minted in the highest quality Proof
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The route to the South
The Royal Dutch Mint annually issues Golden Ducats, based on original coins from the 16th and 18th century, in commission by the Ministry of Finance. Up and until 2021 we will explore four international trade routes based on the wind directions where the Golden Ducat played an important role. The obverse of the Golden Ducat 2020 is decorated with the recurring acanthus leaves and shells and this year also features a gold bar and the letter “Z”, for “Zuiden” (South). Our journey continues to the South, towards Africa, where many gold sources were discovered.
The design
The trusted international trade coin is engraved with a historical image: a knight in armor with arrows, designed by engraver Johan Willem Marmé. From 1763 until 1795, Marmé worked as engraver of the provincial and urban Mint of Utrecht. On the obverse of the coin the Latin phrase Concordia Res Parvae Crescunt is engraved: “Small things florish by concord” or better known as “Unity makes Strenght”. On the reverse the Latin Mo. Aur. Reg. Belgii Ad Legem Imperii is found: “Gold coin of the Kingdom of the Netherlands by law of the Empire”.
Discover the Gold!
The Ducat has always been a strong currency. Because of the uniform content and weight the coin was accepted worldwide. Especially in Asia, where many coin types circulated, this was extraordinary. Not only traders, but also privateers and pirates loved the Golden Ducats. Ships from the Dutch East India Company were often raided because of the amount of Gold and Silver coins (in treasure chests!) that were present on them and it was never certain that the Gold inside reached its final destination. Read more about the surprising background story of the Golden Ducats on this page.

Article number 0107482
Metal Gold
Content 983/1000
Weight 6.988 g
Diameter 26.0 mm
Edge Cable
Quality Proof
Mintage 798