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Women to Space Coincard

  • Unique space-themed coincard with “Women to Space” medal and Dutch 1 Euro coin
  • Driving awareness to boost future numbers of women to space
  • Special coincard, inspired by a space ship
  • Buy the coincard and win Inner Space Training!*
*Buyers of the coincard can win “Inner Space Training”, a mental preparedness training for commercial astronauts. Learn more in the product description.

Mintage will be announced in december 2023 
Detailed description and specifications
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€ 12,50

Unique chance: win Inner Space Training!
Purchasing this special coincard offers you a chance to train like an astronaut! The Inner Space Training is the first and only mental preparedness training designed for commercial astronauts going on suboribital spaceflights. Experience firsthand how astronauts prepare for the psychological and emotional challenges of different flight phases. 

The training occurs at the Royal Dutch Mint HQ in Houten, the Netherlands in July 2024. The training will be given by Mindy Howard, founder of Cosmic Girls. More information and the terms & conditions can be found here.

Women to Space
For many people, going to space is a lifelong dream. Only 656 individuals have traveled to space. Less than 12% of them were woman. Only 12 countries worldwide have had female representation in space. Less than 24% of employees in aerospace are woman. Cosmic Girls™ intends to boost those numbers through the “Women to Space” coin and its inspiring program for girls worldwide. The coin is significant because it acknowledges a turning point in making space more equitable for all. 

The Women to Space coincard is a limited-edition coin, issued by the Royal Dutch Mint, in collaboration with the Cosmic Girls Foundation. The unique space themed coincard consists of a “Women to Space” medal and a Dutch 1 Euro coin. Our focus is to draw attention to and empower girls in pursuit of space careers. This starts with inspiring young girls to “Dream! Dare! Do!” and that anything is possible, including going to space. 

Cosmic Girls Foundation 
Cosmic Girls is an organization whose unique mission is to change the above mentioned stats and make gender equality a reality for both the maturing and incoming space generation. The foundation provides world-class astronaut training, STEM education, key life skills (through non-profit partner programs worldwide) and the opportunity to send an eligible girl to space. Through these activities, Cosmic Girls™ becomes the first international platform to feed the female astronaut talent pipeline with girls from any socio-economic demographic anywhere in the world.

The most distinguishing feature of the “Women to Space” coin, might well be her ‘gravity defying hair’, a hallmark of so many female astronauts who have worked on the ISS. While every female is not necessarily recognizable in this way, the symbolism of free flying hair is nevertheless significant. On the obverse of the coincard, a female astronaut proudly holds her helmet, having accomplished her lifelong dream of becoming an astronaut. On the left is the medal for Women to Space, on the right a Dutch 1 Euro Coin. The reverse of the coincard contains the Cosmic Girls logo at the top right. A line drawing of a female astronaut is also visible on the left.  

The obverse of the medal shows the earth in the middle. Around it, other orbiting planets in our solar system are visible. The reverse of the medal shows an astronaut, encircled by a rocket and constellations. On the top right is the text Women in Space. 

Specifications Medal

Metal Cu/Ni
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
Weight 9.33 g
Diameter 30 mm
Edge Smooth
Mintage To be determined

Article number 0116541
Metal Various
Weight Various
Diameter Various
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
Mintage To be determined