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Belgium 50 Euro Coin 2021 “Golden Carolus Guilder” Gold Proof

Belgium 50 Euro Coin 2021 “Golden Carolus Guilder” Gold Proof
  • Famous golden carolus guilder accurately copied on an official 2021 50 euro coin
  • For the first time in Belgium, a medieval coin has been reissued in Proof quality
  • Identical in composition to the first golden carolus guilder 1521-1556
  • Including a numbered Certificate of Authenticity in luxury case
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€ 479,00

On 24 February 1500, Charles V sees the light of day in the Prinsenhof in Ghent. From then until his death in 1558, the young prince will become one of the greatest rulers of all time. At fifteen he becomes Lord of the Netherlands, a year later he is King of Spain and before his twentieth Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. By marrying Isabella of Portugal, he has a powerful ally at his side, and with the help of his Conquistadores Cortez and Pizarro, he manages to take vast pieces of newly discovered America. Thus he ensures that in his realm the sun will never set.
As befits a real Emperor, Charles naturally longs for his own coin that bears his name. And so the golden Carolus guilder made its appearance in 1521. A silver Carolus follows later in 1540. After Charles abdicates in 1566 in favour of his son Philips, his coin is no longer minted... Until today!
Today the golden Carolus guilder is 500 years old. To celebrate this prestigious anniversary, the Royal Mint has minted no less than four beautiful commemorative coins, including two particularly faithful restrikes with historical value!
The golden Carolus guilder (Carolus d'or) was minted in 1521; in 1540 the silver Carolus guilder (Carolus d'argent) was also issued. This guilder had the same value as the gold Carolus guilder, namely 20 stuivers. After Charles V abdicated and the coin was no longer minted under his successor, the name “Carolus guilder” continued to be used. Eventually the term was shortened to guilder and lived on as a unit of account.
The coin shows a bust to the right of crowned, young, beardless Emperor Charles V with long hair and in armour. In his right hand he holds a raised sword, in his left an orb. Text: KAROLUS + D:G + ROMANOR + IMP + Z + HISPAR + REX. Explanation: Charles, by the grace of God, Emperor of the Roman Empire, King of Spain. The composition is the same as the original gold Carolus guilder 1521-1556.
On the reverse is the coat of arms of Charles V in front of the double eagle. Text: DAMICHI + VIRTVTE + CONTRA + HOSTES + TVOS. Explanation: Give me strength against Your enemies. You can also see the country designation BE, the year 2021, the mint mark of the Royal Dutch Mint (staff of Mercury), the Belgian privy mark (coat of arms of the municipality of Herzele) and the inscription 50 EURO.

Article number 0112258
Metal Gold
Content 999/1000
Weight 6.22 g
Diameter 21.0 mm
Quality Proof
Mintage 1,000 (maximum of 250 pieces in the Prestige Set)
Designer Luc Luycx