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Dutch Golden Ducats – since 1586

With a remodelled knight | The second of four historic trading stories

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About Golden Ducats

The Dutch Coinage Act first included ducats on 4 August 1586. They are still featured in it today as trade coins. The ducat is a gold coin which originally came from the Republic of Venice and was later also produced in the Netherlands. The Dutch Golden Ducat grew into one of the world’s most popular trade coins. Today, the Royal Dutch Mint still mints the Double and Single Golden Ducats to keep the memory of our rich trading past alive.

The obverse of this coin shows a knight holding a sword in one hand and a bundle of arrows in the other. The motto ‘Concordia Res Parvae Crescunt’ is Latin for ‘Small things flourish by concord’, but better known as ‘Unity makes Strength’. The Golden Ducat 2019 is decorated with acanthus leaves, shells and a VOC ship.


The route to the East

Up to and including 2021 we explore four international trade routes based on the wind directions, where the Golden Ducat played an important role. Last year the journey started in the north and in 2019 we are travelling towards the east, Asia. In addition to the Batavia administrative center, there were many different trading posts in several Asian countries, founded by the Dutch East India Company. To facilitate maritime trade, the Dutch company minted their own coins, including the Golden Ducats. The coins were used for the payment of shiploads.